Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mont Blanc/Italian Alps

Mont Blanc
Of course we saved the best (& biggest) for last.  The grand finale of our trip was a visit to Chamonix, France which is home to the massive Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps at 15,772 ft.   We took a cable car up to Auguille du Midi which is over 12,000 ft elevation.  We were fortunate to have great weather so enjoyed clear views of Mont Blanc and surrounding peaks including the Matterhorn in the far distance.  Also watched climbers and skiers work their way down the steep terrain.  Spent a full day on the mountain and it was amazing!  A great ending to an unforgettable trip!

We are back in Italy now and headed out for our last Italian dinner before we fly home tomorrow.  It has been an amazing adventure touring Italy and the Alps with my good friend Lori.  But now its time to say "Arrivederci"to Europe...